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The Racing Metamorphosis
Atomic Motorsports

We are a race team and a racing academy.

We handle our operation out of bangalore, and conduct racing events across all 3 FMSCI certified race tracks across India.

Atomic Motorsports was born out of a need to level the playing field and harness the true racing pedigree available in India. Motorsports in India needs an overhaul and we are here to do it.

The Racing Metamorphosis. It is HERE. It is NOW.

We are a close knit team of racers and technically adept personnel who eat, live and breathe motorcycles. Passion doesn’t feed the belly, it feeds the soul. That is the reason why we love motorcycles.

Think of us as a fairly small, flexible design studio that does everything motorcycling.

Our racing academy curriculum is derived from real life track experience.

Whether you are a recreational rider or a hardcore fanatic, our course will help you become safer, faster and smoother on or off the track.

Siddhanth Koundinya | Founder, Atomic Motorsports


Every time I am on the track it makes me feel alive.It makes me realise what time is worth, and how much that time we waste doing nothing. Winning makes me high, I am a gym freak and love dogs and chocolates. I am 23, and have won national championships in 390cc and 600cc class. I am here to teach you what racing means to me. I am Sid. I Atomic Motorsports.

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