Engage and Pursuit in association with Rideventur

Here is what is going to happen.
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Date of Event: 2nd – 3rd June, 2018

Location: Kari Motor Speedway, Coimbatore (Location)

What is happening: Engage, Pursuit in Association with Rideventur

Level 1 and Level 2 - Basic and Intermediate

  • 2 Days of Intensive Training (All Inclusive)
  • Learn your Motorcycle and Basics
  • Handle your motorcycle’s power
  • Understand Throttle and Braking
  • Getting off the line
  • Hitting the Apex

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Open Track Session

  • 2 Days of Open Track Sessions (All Inclusive)
  • Minimum 40 Laps per Day
  • Trackside Technical Support Available
  • Put your learning into practice
  • Learn Endurance
  • High Octane Fuel (Additional Purchase)

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Motorsports involve high speed and certain risks.
Please read the FAQs carefully before registering.
Here is a list of commonly asked question that we think might help


  • Do I have to get my own motorcycle?

    We prefer you get your own motorcycle. However, in the off chance you cannot get your own motorcycle, we will be happy to arrange one for you at added cost.

  • What all riding gear do we need to attend the event?

    You are required to wear a one/two piece racing leather suit. Along with this, a DOT/ECE/Snell/SHARP rated helmet with double D-Rings is mandatory. You will also need full gauntlet leather gloves and full boots.

  • Can I get high octane fuel at the track?

    We know you want nothing but the best from your steed! Yes, you can purchase high octane fuel at the track in 10 litre increments. Additionally you can use Octane Boosters mixed with fuel which we can arrange for you at a cost or you may cary your own.

  • I have more questions. Where do I check?

    Sure thing. Head over to our CONTACT US page and get in touch. We will be super happy tp help you out!